Automating Compliance Management

The burden of regulatory compliance has become overwhelming for banks and credit unions. It’s time for a different approach – one that allows financial institutions to thrive in any regulatory climate.

At Continuity, we believe compliance shouldn’t be a barrier to growth. It should simply be a part of how you do business. That’s why we’ve created the Compliance Core™ – an ecosystem of compliance management automation solutions that combines people and technology to reduce the burden of compliance for financial institutions of all sizes. 

Here are the products that comprise Compliance Core. Click on the relevant product to find out more.

RegAdvisor Pro™ With our Regulatory Change Management solution, you can manage reRegAdvisorPro_logo_01_1gulatory change and policy management with 50% less effort. Through a combination of technology and expertise, the RegAdvisor Pro solution cuts down the amount of regulatory interpretation by over 90%.


ComplianceTools_SymbolOnly_copyCompliance Tools™ - A powerful set of tools to manage compliance activities that documents your work, stays up to date and records a perfect audit trail. Our Tools provide step-by-step instructions, and because they’re assigned by role and scheduled, they get the right work to the right people at the right time. They are also persistently compliant with regulatory changes.



Vendor Management - A Power Tool that automates the entire life cycle of activities from vendor selection, risk assessment, and due diligence, to contract review and required documentation.



Remote Audits™ - Remote Audit services are provided by Continuity’s audit department to support your internal audit operations. Continuity has highly qualified individuals to perform internal audits. These are full audits conducted using the compliance management platform, which routinely withstand the scrutiny of various regulatory agencies and have proven to reduce the scope of on site exams.

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