Continuity Strategic Engagement is a service created to help you execute on your business objectives by reducing the impact of compliance on your institution. Continuity Strategists are a team of change management professionals who work with you directly to help align your organization's goals, compliance objectives and your various organizational business units to smoothly migrate the organization's compliance management processes onto a technology platform. With our Strategic Engagement program you'll receive a dedicated Continuity Strategist for the life of your engagement. 


  • Facilitated Strategic Planning Session (SPS) for structured kick-off of engagement
  • Status meetings to ensure tactical progress and alignmentops
  • Knowledge, skill and experience in CMS process improvement, rollout and adoption
  • Analysis and insight into Platform and Services usage metrics


  • Your Strategist is introduced during boarding process for efficient transition from boarding to full production engagement
  • The documented One Page Strategy (deliverable from SPS) becomes the basis for on-going efforts and is a valuable tool for building momentum and consensus across your organization
  • Periodic planning and status meetings continue as needed (weekly, monthly, quarterly) to review recent and upcoming deliverable and milestones
  • Touch points with Strategists also include updates on Continuity product enhancements, regulatory announcements, upcoming webinars, and newly available support content
  • Where requested, additional services can be provided (customization, configuration, administration, rollout) to accelerate or broaden scope of engagement


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