The Tools Library houses hundreds of pre-built controls that enables your institution to migrate manual Compliance Management System (CMS) processes onto a technology platform. The Tools Library includes robust detective, preventative and corrective controls, spanning dozens of program areas, which can be used to automate your compliance tasks using today’s technology.


  • 365-day visibility into the compliance program including accurate exception reporting

  • Exam preparation is reduced by hundreds of person-hours because there’s no more chasing down items.

  • Examiners now have a record of completed work following a standardized format, including control details and employee instructions.

  • Employees can reach out to the Continuity Regulatory help desk for immediate answers any time, reducing employee training needs.
  • Library Tools are always kept up to date with the latest regulatory changes and guidance, so you can be assured you are always implementing the most recent, regulatory-sound processes.


  • OFACLarge library of pre-built compliance tools (non-inclusive list):
    • Common lending, deposit and back office controls
    • CRA, UDAAP, COPPA, BSA, Patriot Act
    • Audit Management
  • Customized controls can easily be created using the (optional) ToolsBuilder.
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Exception Reporting
  • Examiner Reports
  • Real Time Monitoring Console
  • View filtered work across the organization
  • Re-assign or cancel work
  • Real time Chat Regulatory Help Desk support
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